Comforter, Duvet, Blanket, Quilt, Bedspread, Coverlet - What’s the Bedding Difference?

Are you the kind of person who sleeps with something or the other covering you, even on the warm days or are you normal? Memes aside, it’s a fact that the internal body temperature falls down, signalling the incoming call of sleep. Comforter, duvet, blanket, quilt, bedspread, coverlet – what’s the difference? That’s why some of us try to find ourselves looking for the long side of the blanket right in the middle of the night. Hence, all the things mentioned in the title exists. Comforter, duvet, blanket, quilt, bedspread, coverlet – what’s the difference?

Plus, they all make us feel warm and cocooned, except for the people who stick out a foot to balance the temperature. At this time of the year, it’s a good time to shop for warmth at pretty greet prices. So here’s a run-down summary of all the comfy things you can take to bed, keep it under wraps, wink wink.

1. Bedspreads:

Bedspreads are practically the thinnest thing that could be used as a covering on the warm summer nights. They are single-layered, and nearly just like bedsheets so they cover the whole bed, from pillows to down to the floor. On winter nights, they are generally used to layer up, with blankets and sheets. Other than this, they are sometimes just draped over as a decorative accessory. So they work all round the year, these pretty little underrated things.

2. Coverlets:

As the name suggests, coverlets cover… the bedspreads. Again, they are lightweight and either woven or quilted, heavier than bedspreads. Think of them as a chubby baby sister to bedspreads. Unlike bedspreads, coverlets cover less area, they don’t cover pillow space and fall off halfway through the floor. Due to their size, they can be used as throws on sofa as well. Again, these serve no unique purpose but add warmth while layering up in winters and decorative purposes for a traditional rusty look.

3. Quilts:

Remember the baby blankets grandmas used to make? Yes, those are quilts, quirky patches on the top, smooth down under. From this point onward, every bedding is multi-layered; quilts being three layered, traditionally quilted. The top layer is woven with designs, a layer of batting in between and a woven back. These days, quilts aren’t a part of modern beds, but they speak of aesthetic, boho vibes. So they evolved to quirky throws and wall hangings, sometimes a thoughtful gift too.

All the types of bed tops we have discussed so far are no more an active part of “comfort” of beds. Instead, these are now evolved to be part of “décor” of beds. Remember, it’s all about preferences. You want a quilt while you go to bed, go ahead, darling, you do you.

With that, now we’re focusing on “comfort” of the beds… and of course, you.

4. Blankets:

Now these babies are single layered, but they are a treat during winters. Blankets were initially all woolen, but they come in cotton and fleece as well. Now the term “blanket” is so much into use, that it is frequently interchanged with comforter or duvet, which again are one of the kinds of blankets. Even though they are single layered, they keep cold out to the bay and are easy to move around the house. So don’t just imagine yourself with a thick Afghan, enjoying a cup pf hot cocoa on a chilly night, go gift yourself the blanket.

5. Comforters:

As the name goes, these are comfy, cozy, snug, everything rolled into one. Three layered single piece, these are an upgradation to quilts. How? No patches of clothes, and same front and back and whole lotta heavenly feels in middle. The filling in between makes sure the comforter stays even, unlike blankets and quilts, who bunch up around feet in the middle of the night. And comforters don’t need extra covering as well.

We’d say comforters are the King in the blanket world because hey, they magically make a bed look like a bed straight from a hotel. They layer up, look stylish yet sophisticated, are thick and durable, and easy to maintain. Since they rule, you can find comforters in any color, style, design, even any theme and material (we will vouch for cotton till the end of time).

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6. Duvets:

You’d think nothing can compete with the King Comforters but the Duvets are rising to popularity day by day. Duvets are mutant version of comforters. Made up of two pieces, duvet and duvet cover, a duvet packs in more fluff and more warmth with more layers to it. In a way, duvets can perfectly substitute top sheets, blankets and quilt throws with all those layers. So the top most layer in every hotel bed is a grand duvet, undoubtedly.

Duvets can last long, with proper care of the duvet cover. Also its easy to wash the cover rather than the whole duvet. Best part is you can give different looks to your duvet by simply changing the cover. Say, you want to shift a duvet from your room to your kid’s, then you just have to buy a space theme duvet cover and voila! Sometimes, duvets come with matching shams. So they are simply all-in-one kinda deal.

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Thank you for reading and let us know what seems like the best bedding option in the comment section below. Sleep blissfully!