People are shopping on their smart phones: here's what you can do

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

The global smartphone shipment reached to 401 million units with at-least 2% growth.

Lets go back in 1994 the year of introducing the concept of smartphones in the market, IBM is the first smartphone creator which was invented in 1992 an released their purchase in 1994, which was named as Simon Personal Communicator (SPC). Till now the dot-com business came into the existence but not into a trend. Soon it was identified by many opportunists and began to develop and launch 'websites'

Soon after smartphones came into existence and internet with 3G was introduced in 2000 and opened up opportunities to grow, apple being the "smartphone evolution" introduced iPhone which gave the accessibility to browse on web just as a desktop, as the dot-coms were already into existence, they were introduced to new markets for online stores and information.

Smartphones had changed the way we run our business - "on the go" trend came into existence in which the worldwide database was available on our fingertips and accessed within seconds, gradually purchases of goods and services became easy instantaneous.

Office space was being replaced - not entirely but introduction of virtual platforms gave an exposure to the world.

Currently smartphones are contributing a large chunk to the economy, their are few online registered companies which originally are search engine based have a business of $768 billion, $239 billion, $93 billion, these are the websites for online stores known as e-commerce websties, at this stage of pandemic and crisis, being online and digital has contributed a lot, and smartphones being an easy access to e-commerce website has created new opportunities.

You can find every, everything online, from buying a house to buying home furnishing.

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