Popular Bedding Trends of 2020!

With COVID, staying home has made us all rethink our favourite places in our home to be. A home within a home. Bathrooms are mind-blowing, balconies are soothing, a chair by the window is refreshing and kitchen? The Capital of a 2020 Home. But we all know it’s only the bed that can give us the comfort we desire. Many of us spend most of their day in bed, attending video calls, watching a movie, working, scrolling through Instagram and reading blogs (maybe you are chilling on a bed right now!).

Staying in and most of the days in bed has compelled us to change a few things around; we rarely paid attention to our beds before. Oh, how the turntables and good ones at that! With this blog, we present you the most popular bedding trends that have got people to stay more in bed and be absolutely in love with them.

We have piled up a few popular bedding styles of 2020 that have the power to make post-pandemic life much, much better. Here we go!

1. White and Neutrals, and Some Colors

White is a jack of all trades, and that’s why pearly whites are on top of our list. This kind of bedding embraces the peace of the soul and brings forth a sense of stability. There’s a reason why most luxury hotels use white linen; white with any colour pops up the essence of it, going hand in hand with the glossy sophistication that white brings. Although all-white is classic and evergreen, the trend we are talking about is white and a lil colour.

The only downside: one needs to be careful with white.

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White Bed sheet

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2. Soothing Solid Pastels

Pastel palette rose to popularity because they bring forward elegant style with a sense of rich classiness. These colours are soothing and dreamy and flowy. Value addition to the white, to be put in simple words. Sometimes, when white gets pretty boring, pastels are there to add a satisfying colour to your bed. Although pastels are preferable for kids’ beds, they are quickly gaining momentum with the master bedroom beds.

The only downside: it may feel faded after a while.

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3. Bohemian Naturals

For people who are quirky and want an artistic vibe to their beds, this trend is just for them. Think of picking out different textures, colors and patterns but when you put them all together, it all fits and the personality it gives off is just so you. This style gives off earthy cutesy feels, perfect for young adults. You may feel it might be difficult to make your one-of-a-kind bedding since it has to be scattered yet go together, but trust me, it’s not. You just need to find what suits your personality. If you like playing with patterns and styles, this one is just for you.

Two cons though: unlike whites and pastels, bohemian kinds of beds don’t always go along with the rest of the room. And one really needs to know where to draw a line to all the patterns, textures and colours, because otherwise, your bed may just feel like a kid’s coloring book.

4. Bright and Bold

Sometimes, we don’t need our bed to soothe us, we want a bed that will move us. This kind of bedding adds a pop of bright colour to a sombre room. And with this one single splash of colour, your whole bed will bloom with edgy eliteness. The best thing is this way you can, in a snap, transform your everyday bed into a chic statement place. Just add a big, no-shape bold pillow or throw on a funky-chunky comforter and tada! Your bed is going to stand out, just the way Ranveer Singh stands out.

The only downside (more like a trick): balance, for every bright dash of decoration must strike equilibrium with the neutrals in and around your bed. It should give off a visually dynamic view.

5. Modern Minimalism

This trend was born when people didn’t want their beds to be too earnest and yet not go over the top. Well yes, it’s about balance and modern. Neutral bedlinen yet a powerful visual. This is what we are talking about here. This trend looks smart, clean-cut and grace, all rolled into one. So look at your bed and think what pillows (or throws, or any other accessory) you really don’t need and just taking up space and your efforts. To add a feel of modern, go for geometric designs and solid colours and make that one single piece of décor a statement piece. Such a bed is a personification of cool and sharp futuristic person.

Such beds work best for working, living alone kind of people, no mess, looks great. It saves time and effort.

Only downside: If you are a person of too much layers and cosy messy places, then your bed will wear off this look. Got kids? No no. For this trend to be pulled off, one needs to declutter and make space and make it look minimal.

All these trends got us excited and we do hope they excite you enough to recreate your bed into a statement piece of your room. Comment which trend you liked the best and till then, sleep blissfully!

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