Available in Size: Single/Queen/King

  • Single: 60" x 90" (150 cm x 225 cm )
  • Queen: 80" x 90" (200 cm x 225 cm)
  • King: 100" x 90"(250cm x 225cm)

For room Temperatures: 5 deg to 15 deg Celsius (Approx)

An ideal duvet/quilt for winters ensuring a warm and cozy night sleep. With a premium cotton top fabric and ultra fine non-allergenic microfiber fill, this duvet/quilt is extremely soft and has a luxurious feel to it.

Strings are provided on each corner of the duvets which can be tied to the loops provided in our duvet covers to prevent the duvet from shifting inside the duvet covers.

Note - To prolong the life of the duvets please use a duvet cover along with the duvet.

Casing - 100% Fine Indian Cotton

Filling - 100% Microfiber

Washing Instructions:

  • A duvet does not need to be washed often as the duvet cover keeps it covered and clean. If you spill on your duvet then rather spot wash that area with a bucket of warm soapy water. If you feel like your duvet needs complete wash then follow these instructions:
  • Warm Gentle Machine Wash: 40 deg
  • Cool Tumble Dry

Bliss Sleep Duvet - Winter Supersoft Microfiber